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Legendary Prospecting

Making sales calls is much more different than finding new clients, not to mention finding the right client for your business.  You have to find the right person to speak with before the sales process even begins.

Signature’s Legendary Prospecting training program encourages business development as a continuous, active process.  In this half-day or one-day session, attendees will learn to create the right message and then put it to use with on-the-spot prospecting.

With clear prospecting guidelines and enhanced communication skills, sales team members will generate new business and gain greater understanding with existing clients.

Sometimes just that one e-mail or call can generate thousands of rooms.

Objectives & Benefits
Who Should Participate?
Customization & Timeline
Objectives & Benefits

In this truly interactive workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Create effective email communications
  • Identify the 'dos and don'ts' of email prospecting
  • Use sensory language when leaving voicemails
  • Use the power of the telephone in tandem with the internet
  • Generate new business
  • Gain greater understanding with existing clients
  • Increase Revenues
  • Gain skills, confidence and the right attitude to perform to their best ability
  • Create immediate and lasting impressions
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